Paid and Volunteer Internship Credit

Internships can be a powerful career development tool. By participating in an internship, students gain practical hands-on job experience, learn industry standards, and evaluate actual work environments.

  • For paid internships, 1 unit = 75 hours, 2 units = 150 hours, 3 units = 225 hours
  • For volunteer internships, 1 unit = 60 hours, 2 units = 120 hours, 3 units = 180

Students desiring to receive academic credit for internships should sign up for WEXP 290 — General Work Experience.

Department-based internship opportunities are also available. Students interested in an internship specific to a department should sign up for that 295 course in the specific department.

Virtual Internship Program (VIP)

Opportunities are available for global internships. International Students can sign up for a non-credit option and all other students should sign up for WEXP 290. For more information, click on the flier or go directly to the website.

VIP Flyer     Global VIP Information     Global Trade Workforce