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Sustainability Workgroup and Task Forces

SBCC Sustainability Workgroup 

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SBCC's District Sustainability Plan is the Districts vision for what sustainability means to our campus, our people, and our future.  The Plan was created with campus and community input and includes goals and strategies to reduce consumption of natural resources and provide the SBCC community with a healthier and more sustainable campus environment. 

A Workgroup was formed to implement the 2018 District Sustainability Plan goals. This Workgroup is open to staff, students and faculty. View the workgroup sign up sheet.

Recently, the workgroup has broken into Task Forces to focus on each of the Plans categories. These Task Force focus teams meet outside of the Workgroup and are open to staff, students and faculty. Each Task Force lead reports back to the Workgroup with updates. 

SBCC District Sustainability Plan

Workgroup Goals

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