Latina Grads

¡Raíces: First Year and Beyond!

First-year experience and student empowerment program at SBCC that centers Latiné students by celebrating Cultura, Conocimiento y Comunidad.


Our Origin/Nuestro Origen

¡Raíces: First Year and Beyond! was developed by a $3 million Title V HSI Grant awarded to SBCC in October 2021 by the U.S. Department of Education. SBCC was first recognized as an Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) in March 2011. HSIs are degree-granting colleges or universities whose student population is  25% or more Hispanic.

As of Fall 2023, SBCC serves 41.6% students who identify as Hispanic. These funds are meant to support the development of specific projects to increase degree or certificate completion for Latine and/or low-income student populations.


Our Mission/Nuestra Misión

¡Raíces: First Year and Beyond! celebrates our indigenous roots as the foundation of our cultural, familial and academic wealth. We commit to provide opportunities to learn from and honor this knowledge in order to manifest a deeper understanding of our community and our shared sense of identity.

Through developing curriculum and a pedagogy that affirms student voice, lived experiences and cultural histories, this program strives to co-create a space with students to become thriving scholars and advocates for themselves and their communities.


Our Vision/Nuestra Visión

¡Raíces: First Year and Beyond! strives to cultivate thriving scholars and advocates for our community. Our program affirms Latiné cultural identities, honors our ancestral roots, and celebrates our multilingual, multiracial, and multigenerational heritage.



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West Campus Center

WCC 206: Raíces Student Center, Raíces Program Advisor, Colegas
WCC 207: Raíces Academic Counseling, Program Coordinator

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