Hiring Forms Summer 1 2021

For each Semester that you will be working, you need to fill out three types of forms:

1. Tutor Information  2. Job Information 3. Acceptance of Hourly Employment

Keep scrolling down to access them all.

Step 1: Tutor Information

Fill out a Tutor Information Form. You need to do this every semester to keep your information up to date. This form helps us identify you accurately, hire you in the right category, and pay you at the right rate. (Be sure to check the semester to make sure that you are filling out the form for the right one.)

Tutor Information Form Summer 1, 2021

Step 2: Job Information

Fill out a job form for each of the tutoring jobs you will be doing on campus during Summer Session 1, 2021. These forms will help us get you the right time sheet for each job, as well as connect you with the right supervisor and resources.

General/Subject Area Tutoring

Use this form to tell us about a job you have tutoring for a department, such as Art, Psychology, or CS. It should also be used for all tutors working for labs or services, such as the Math Lab, the Writing Center, or EOPS.

Course-Specific Tutoring

Use this form to tell us about a job you have tutoring for a specific course, such as English 110 or Physics 190. In order to fill out the form, you will need to know the name of the instructor for the course, as well as its CRN number.


You may have more than one General/Subject Area job or more than one Course-Specific job. You might also have one or more General/Subject Area job along with one or more Course-Specific jobs. Please fill out a form for each of them so that you can get paid for all of your work. Just keep in mind that you cannot work more than 19.5 hours per week for all of your jobs at SBCC--tutoring and non-tutoring--combined.

Step 3: Acceptance of Hourly Employment

Click on the link below to read and sign the Acceptance of Hourly Staff Employment and Meal Waiver Form. You must do this every semester that you work as a tutor. It is a requirement from HR.

Acceptance of Hourly Staff Employment Summer 1, 2021

Step 4: Keep an eye on your Pipeline email.

That is how we will contact you with next steps. The sooner you respond to our emails, the faster we can get you started working!

Welcome to Tutoring!